Load-Bearing Wall Removal

Cost of Removing Load-bearing Wall

One of our most commonly asked questions at structural wall removal is what is the cost of removing a Load-bearing wall? There are many factors involved that help us to determine this. As load-bearing wall removal is our specialty, we are able to give you an accurate in-person quote. Take the hassle out of renovating and let us remove your internal walls in a structurally safe manner.

Removing a non-load-bearing wall

Non-load-bearing walls almost always tie in with load-bearing walls. It is important to make the right incisions and break the walls carefully and conscientiously to ensure to maintain the integrity of the load-bearing walls in place. Don’t risk having a demolition team that is used to full house demolitions or construction site demolitions, these are very different tasks and we are very different trades.
At Structural Wall Removal we are trained to work in delicate situations ensuring that all of your surfaces and your home are protected from heavy failings bricks, scratching rubble and with the right tools reducing the dust in your home.

What is a load-bearing wall? 

A load-bearing wall is a wall in your home that supports the ceiling, roof, floor or beam. Load-bearing walls are found throughout the house and can make renovations a little more complex.

Taking out load-bearing walls

Structural Wall Removals are the experts when it comes to removing load-bearing walls. No matter which space you want to make larger our professional team have got you covered. Making sure your renovation is structurally sound.

How to tell if your wall is loadbearing?

The best way to tell if your wall is load-bearing is to get a professional to look at it. At Structural Wall Removal we make it easy to assess whether or not you have load-bearing walls with our free in-person quotes.