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Cost to knock down a wall

At Perth Structural wall removal there are many things we take into consideration when determining the cost to knock down a wall. Our experts at Perth Structural Wall Removal do an in-person house evaluation to give you the best quote we can. Call us to get your free quote today.

The biggest thing to consider when working out the cost to knock down a wall is the structural changes in the roof. This will affect how many beam installations are necessary. Roof changes can be highly technical and extremely difficult to install. 

The cost to knock down a wall can really vary depending on a range of factors including whether we need steel beams, LVL’s, or ceiling hangers. Or if steel is needed to be upgraded to carry additional loads or span further distances?

The best way to determine what the cost of removing your wall will be is to get in touch for your free in-person quote where we come to you to view your space in order to give you the most accurate quote possible.

Wall Removals in Perth

At Perth Structural Wall Removal we specialise in removing internal walls. Whether it is load-bearing wall removal or custom renovations, let us take hassle out of removing internal walls in your home. 

To ensure we will get the job done right for you our first step is a site visit where we use a site template with extensive questions about your home to ensure we get all the information we need to give you a firm quote and ensure no unexpected damage occurs. 

While we do our site inspection we check for gas, water and electrical indicators in the effected area below the ceiling and search in the roof space above the ceiling. 

Internal wall removals for houses in Perth that we cater for range from, kitchen, bedroom, games room, bathroom, family room and dining rooms. We will help you plan and suggest how you can best achieve the wall alteration you are looking for.

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Jordan & co were fantastic. Did a great job, were really professional, clean, had good workmanship and were genuinely nice people. Takes pride in his work. I would highly recommend them.


I was very happy with Jordan’s work and the ideas he brought to the job. Thumbs up also for communication and punctuality. I definitely recommend Jordan and am planning on using his services again in the near future.